Quoï Alexander

Quoï Alexander is an interdisiplinary fashion brand based in Paris, France.

His experimental designs are created without the use of traditional sewing; by hand or machine. All construction is handmade as a result of exploring new ways to assemble clothing. Each season he adapts to push the limits of creation techniques. 

Quoï Alexander is originally from California, USA where he studied fine arts at Idyllwild Arts Academy. Continuing his education in the arts, he moved to London to study Womenswear Fashion Design at Central Saint Martins. 

He acquired his experience at a range of brands including Chanel, Sonia Rykiel, Mary Katrantzou and Alexander Mcqueen before starting his own label. He has been commissioned to create looks for various celebrities and artists such as Tilda Swinton and Luc Besson. 

His work has been photographed for top titles such as Vogue Italia, Vogue UK, Exhibition Magazine, and Garage Magazine. In addition, he has been recognized as a finalist for the L'Oreal Paris Fashion grant competition and as the winner of Les Étoiles de Mercedes-Benz prize. 

Francesca Burns, Fashion editor of British Vogue, has written about what his work is known for: "Innovative craftsmanship well executed in a fresh and modern way".





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Quoï Alexander is an exploration on how clothing manifests with a focus on new construction techniques and a rejection of sewing, a tradition more than 20,000 years old. sewing is the fundamental basis of modern construction. 

re-starting the evolution of dressing by going back to a time before sewing began forces a language of clothing and new techniques to emerge . Throughout history, the resources and tools utilized by a culture affect its aesthetics. If certain elements or tools are changed, artistic values adapt simultaneously. To allow the evolution of new construction techniques to affect the designs is the central concept he is exploring with his work

Quoï Alexander strives to work within a process that rejects references in order to achieve a look of unique singularity. Pushing himself to create work he has never seen before each season. It’s the main reason why he doesn't sew. 

These clothes without language bring a new code when dressing ourselves because language is so critical in identity.